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Best introductory book to senior algebra

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    Hello everyone, I'm a bit of beginner to the more complicated algebra and geometry. Im going in to grade 12 next september, but I'd like to get a headstart on the material, and im wondering what introductory "advanced" (for say) Algebra books were of benifet to you. A first year university book will be fine, as long as it introduces the following things

    • 3-dimensional geometry/graphing
    • Matrices? (are matrices teh plural version of matrix's? - thats what i need - matrix's AHH that sounds so bad..)
    • Proofs (inductive / deductive)
    • etc. anything that a first year algebra/geometry course discusses

    Any ideas, or books would be appreciated greatly..

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    Here is one that is probably available in a public library near you:

    Click on the Table of contents hypertext at that site to see the topics in it.

    It will actually keep you challenged well into your college years--unless you are another Matt Grime type. :rolleyes:
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    I suggest Introduction to modern algebra by john kelley, available used on abebooks.com for $10. it was the official text for "continental classroom" in the 1960's a tv class taught at 7 am on television.

    can you believe the us once had an abstract algebra class on tv for free? that is what camelot was like before kennedy was killed.
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