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Best Introductory Physics II books

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    I'm going to be taking second semester physics (calculus based) which is basically the E&M portion of the book and waves. I want some good textbooks and book recommendations. Like good books for understanding the materials.

    Do you think A treatise on E&M by Maxwell is too advanced for me or is it good?

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    In the USA at least, the second semester of intro physics almost always uses the same textbook as the first semester. Textbooks for these courses are written for two-semester sequences that include both classical mechanics and E&M. If you scan through threads in the Science Books forum (to which I've moved this thread), you'll find many that discuss intro physics textbooks.

    Which one are you using already?

    Don't even think about using Maxwell's original treatise as a supplement, except for simple historical curiosity. His notation and terminology are very different from what you find in present-day textbooks, and the level is at least advanced undergraduate, not first-year. Here's an online scanned version so you can see for yourself:

    Volume 1

    Volume 2
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