Bigfoot Evidence to be announced today

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  3. They have the "Bigfoot" yet are only going to show photos, and hand over DNA samples..hmmm, that just doesn't seem right.
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    Maybe they found Jimmy Hoffa?
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    Re: Bigfoot was found in Georgia

    I don't have a reference, but this was shown to be a hoax today (obviously). Heard it on the radio.
  6. Re: Bigfoot was found in Georgia


    They should be tarred and feathered. Or should that be tarred and furred? :uhh:
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  8. Re: Bigfoot was found in Georgia
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    Re: Bigfoot was found in Georgia

    Hogzilla is actually real. There is even a documentary on it. I don't know if that picture is real, but there really was a super big hog found.
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    Re: Bigfoot was found in Georgia

    Danger hasn't been posting much lately.
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    This is in no way intended as a defense, or to suggest that I put any truck in it - I am merely playing Devil's Advocate:

    If ever there were such a Earth-shaking discovery made, it would be IMO, completely consistent that they would not simply reveal the whole she-bang at a public conference - or even anything conclusive.

    To reveal anything conclusive would be to tip their money-making hand. There's little point in revealing such a huge discovery these days other than to secure one's financial- and media- future. I don't think even a hard-core scientist would be so altruistic to his field as to offer up his discovery for nothing more than academic recognition.

    IOW, the fact that they have not revealed anything concluisve is in no way an indicator that it is a hoax.

    Like it or not, they've got to milk this for all it's worth, even if it's real.

    Now, that being said, I am still satisfied that it's a hoax.
  13. Evo

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    If they really did find anything, they would WANT it to be certified as real beyond question. They would gain everything for having the proof. If they had solid evidence, just think how much money they could make off of it. Solid evidence would have people making pilgrimages to them.

    This is obviously a publicity stunt to get some poor fools to cough over money for nothing.
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    Re: Bigfoot was found in Georgia

    :rofl: OMG, you owe me a new keyboard! :rofl:
  15. This should prove amusing any way it goes.

    Fox New Network had a photo of a close-up of the jaw and teeth.

    Btw, hypatia, if I had a million dollar carcus in my freezer, I'd keep it close.

    How much would a well crafted hoax in a freezer would be worth?
  16. does this thread get moved back if the thing turns out to be real?

    --nevermind---I see that it was combined with another thread

    : )
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    I'm going to be really pissed if this turns out to be Homer Simpson. He's had a good run, but I'm not ready for the show to be cancelled yet.
  18. For those of you who didn't read the article, they've established a web site, where they charge a couple bucks to see their photos. They've established a limited liability corporation, apparently in the business of conducting bigfoot tours.

    I wonder which came first, the LLC, the purchase of the domain name, or the alleged bigfoot sighting. Perhaps there was a recent acquisition of a freezer out of it's place on the time-line.
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    If they get Geraldo to do a special on it ... that should establish whether it is a hoax or not.
  20. jtbell

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    Ewww... :yuck:
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