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Bleach and vinegar

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    I am new to this so I don't know if I am doing this right, I have some questions. In the building I work they put 1c. of bleach and 1c. of vinegar in a quart jar and set this out in several areas in the building over the weekend and then dump it out on Monday morning. Except in the basement it is left out until it evaporates. My questions are, what is this doing to the air, and is it absorbing into the furniture and other things in the building? This practice has been going for several years.
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    That...sounds really unhealthy. Especially in the basement. Bleach + Acid = Chlorine gas (remember; vinegar contains acetic acid). Which no doubt is great at killing bacteria, mold, etc. in the building, but sort of has that pesky problem of being a major health risk to the humans working there as well....

    I do hope OSHA knows they're doing this and it's being controlled in some manner so as not to be a health risk.
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    That's gotta be bad for electronic equipment! Are they worried about mold and mildew in the bldg?
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    Yeah, can't chlorine corrode even aluminum and stainless steel if it's on them for an extended period of time?
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    yes, they put it out for mold and mildew
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