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Building 6H-SiC, does this look right?

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    I'm having some difficulty understanding how to assemble a particular polytype of SiC and I think I may have made a mistake...my solid state knowledge is limited.

    Basically I start with a hexagonal unit cell for SiC (Moisssanite; four atoms), I attached an image of this unit...I then extended it to build what I think is the unit cell of 6H-SiC (12 atoms)...then I extended the unit cell 5X5X1 (ABC) 6H-SiC so I can run tests on the (0001) and (000-1) surfaces.

    Moissanite Hexagonal SiC

    6H-SiC Unit Cell

    Rotated View of the 5X5X1 Structure

    Another view in the yz-plane
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    Dr Transport

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    isn't 6H-SiC just hexagonal closed packed? It has been a long time since I looked at the polytypes of SiC
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    Yes, I'm just trying to verify if I'm assembling this correctly. I'm having a hard time understanding some of the solid state jargon and concepts about crystals and lattices.

    zig-ziag chain structure hexagonal SiC.gif
    The 6H-SiC unit cell is shown in this diagram.
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