Bullet Projectile motion Problem

  1. Today I had a question from a student that made me think. Maybe I am just over thinking this.

    We were discussing the independent nature of horizontal and vertical components of motion. This was done through shooting a dart gun. We came to the conclusion that (without air resistance) the horizontal velocity component of a moving body remains constant.

    A student then asked the following question:
    "If you shoot something at point blank range, would it do more damage than shot from far away?"

    I was puzzled for a moment, but my gut thinks that it should be the same. Am I right???
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  3. well if more damage means higher impact velocity then it depends on the air resistance and the vertical velocity. But the vertical velocity would be almost negligible compared to the horizontal velocity.
  4. So...if shot from a completely horizontal position and no air resistance...it would be the same.

    With air resistance the bullet that covers a longer distance would have less effect/velocity/impact
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