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C++ nan help

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    hi there,

    i have written a small program in C++ and if the user puts in the wrong values for some of the variables the operation will end up trying to square root a negative number and this returns that the answer is not a number

    can anyone show me how to write an if function that if
    Code (Text):
    double answerplus
    Code (Text):
    double answerminus
    are not numbers it will display an error message

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    I think you're looking for isnan. But it's been a while since I looked at that part of the C library.
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    c++ is a strongly typed language, so if you input a double, it is only going to assign a floating point value to the input variable.

    According to the C++ reference library:

    If the argument is negative, a domain error occurs, setting the global variable errno to the value EDOM.


    So you check that value after processing each square root in your function to ensure that the sqrt() function returned a number, either that or you could check the value before invoking the sqrt() function.
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    Or you could call sqrt() in a try : catch{} block - sqrt will throw an exception with a negative number
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