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Homework Help: Calculating a and b in excel (any excel masters)?

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    Attached is a problem that I am supposed to use excel to find the best estimates of a and b. As I am horrible at excel could someone give me some pointers or an idea how to start? Please don't do it for me, I want to learn how to do it - I just need some help.

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    I guess a simpler question would be how would I go about entering summations in excel.
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    One way is to select a cell, type "= sum(", then (left click) drag the mouse over the set of cells to be summed (release left click), then finish typing ")". The sum of the contents of the selected cells should then appear in the chosen cell.
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    Thanks for that gneill - can no one help me on the original question? :(
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    Another small question, is the sigma in the equations referring to the standard deviation or uncertainty?
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