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Calculating tension

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    Can anyone direct me to a website or something that deals with tension, some examples and how to calculate it? I don't get it... like if you have a mass held up by two strings what information do you need to calculate the mass, and how do you go about doing it? Thanks!
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    If the system is in equilibrium, then you just need to resolve forces horizontally and vertically and then that will give you a set of simultaneous equations to solve.
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    You should probably consider reading a very elementary textbook on general physics (or mechanics such as Resnick and Halliday/Sears+Zemansky, etc.) There are websites on the internet but all you need is a proper conceptual understanding of Newton's Laws and (in some cases) a certain degree of mathematical familiarity with things like simultaneous equations, algebra and calculus. Have a look at www.lightandmatter.com for some help.
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    Are you talking about a pulley system?

    If you have acceleration, you can create two forces equations for both masses. Then you add them (or w/e else u want) to equate them and solve for m2.
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