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A Can a molecular dynamics simulation enter a limit cycle?

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    In my rough understanding Molecular Dynamics using Classical Newtonian mechanics is a 6N dimensional non linear system. 6N dimension because you have 3 position vectors and 3 momentum vectors for each N particles. Nonlinearity because of the terms in force fields. In principle this system can exhibit chaos. Also is there any small probability such that the system enters a periodic attractor ?
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    Great question, I'll have to think about it.

    Upon searching some stuff to refresh my mind I stumbled on a cross-post at stackexchange
    This does give me some more info.

    I found this link to google books which at least for me shows an example of a limit cycle in the case that your method isn't symplectic ("almost energy conserving" if you like to look at it that way).
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    That is my question at physics.SE.
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