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Can DC motor works as a stepper motor?

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    Can any expert advice if I can control the DC motor to make it work as a stepper motor?

    I am using PLC to control the DC motor clockwise and counterclockwise in steps. Output O:1/0 controlling clockwise and O:1/1 controlling counterclocewise.I will use the timer say 0.5s pulse to control the rotation in steps.

    Is there a better way,some form of drive circuit to control the steps?

    Thank you.
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    Maybe if you had gears on the motor so that it took 1000 turns of the motor to cause one turn of the output.
    Then you could select the output position depending on how long you let the motor run.

    But realistically, if you want a stepper motor you should just use a stepper motor.
    Old floppy drives, printers and hard drives all have stepper motors in them and these just get thrown away all the time.
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