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B Can elements die?

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    How could an element and all its atoms die? With nuclear fusion they combine atoms, so are they also making elements?....is it possible to make an element shooting the right number of p+,n, & e-
    and then contain it/save it for later?
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    Google "conservation laws."
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    We can't make elements by simply combining protons and neutrons, but atoms smashing together do combine to form new elements.

    The Sun is constantly transforming hydrogen into helium. Other stars can produce heavier elements, and some are created in supernovae. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nucleosynthesis
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    What exactly does it mean for an element or an atom to "die"?

    And if they don't, does the rest of your question be rendered moot?

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    There are elements without a stable isotope. For some of them, even the isotope with the longest half-life time dies very quickly, such that they do not occur naturally - or only as decay products of other radioactive isotopes with a longer half-life time.

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