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Changing DNS for Window 7

  1. Oct 4, 2016 #1
    I used to have problem going to Digikey website with my old laptop until I change the DNS server. I just got a new laptop with Win7. It doesn't work again. I change the DNS server like my other computer, but it still does not work. Please advice.

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    Chances are that your ISP's DNS is having issues and has the wrong IP listing for Digikey.

    I'd suggest you set your DNS's to and
    Both google DNS's
    I have historically had issues with ISP DNS's and I always just switch my computers to those as a rule now
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    I since pull out the old computer that worked after changing the DNS. It's not working anymore and show the same thing. I doubt it's Digikey's website, it has to be on my end. Attached is the message I got. It's not DNS anymore as my computer can go to all the regular sites no problem at all. Please help.


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    open up a command prompt and run:
    ping digikey.com and
    tracert digikey.com

    and post the results
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    Thanks Cpscdave

    I did what you instruct me. Please see attached image.

    I can get into their home page. But after that, nothing work anymore. I can click anything, it will come back and gave error message I posted on post #4.

    I just called Digikey, she couldn't help me at all. I have no problem with any other site except digikey.

    I tried 3 computers already all failed. I tried Firefox, Chrome and IE, none worked. Problem is not even the browser or computer. I use ATT DSL.


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    Thanks for your help Cpscdave

    I solved the problem. I read on google, I went and powered off both the DSL modem and wireless router. It works now. I just remembered I unplugged the modem on Saturday night to prevent my grandson playing video game on the phone where he supposed to sleep. That's when my problem started.
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    Haha should've suggested you start with that. I don't know if this problem persists in newer hardware but I remember the ol' Linksys WRT-54g router used to have an issue where the routing table could fill up and cause issues.

    Glad you got it fixed!
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