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Homework Help: Charging of Capacitors

  1. Feb 23, 2012 #1
    While analyzing the quarter project of my physics class, there was a question that I counld't answer.

    The question of the experiment is: How do the charging times of different capacitors vary with capacitance?

    • Collect and organize data on the rate of charge of different capacitors.
    • Compare and contrast the rate of charging for different capacitances.
    • Make and use graphs of potential difference versus time for several capacitors.
    • 9-V battery
    • voltmeter
    • 9-V battery clip
    • 47-kῼ resistor
    • hook-up wires
    • stopwatch
    • switch
    • capacitors: 1000 μF,470 μF, 220 μFe

    When I did the experiment, at any time the voltmeter read 9-V, and the teacher asked me to answer to this:

    Does each capacitor charge to 9-V? Propose an explanation for the observed behavior.
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