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Checking In Songs - Can You Save Onto Hard Drive If Original Song File Deleted?

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    IS it possible to save songs back onto the hard drive when checking in despite the fact that the song has since been deleted from both the playlist and hard drive?

    It appears on checking in, that the song disappears totally in OPEN MG software.

    Any help much appreciated as I deleted songs but now need to get them back onto the hard drive!:frown:
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    If you deleted the song very very recently, then you can use this: http://www.binarybiz.com/vlab/windows.php [Broken]

    Just some technical knowledge so you understand how the computer works:
    When you delete a file all you are doing is telling the operating system to flag the file for recycling. When you go to write a file the operating system specifically checks for these flags to know what it can and can't overwrite. All the recovery software does is look for the flags and allows you to change the value to "undelete" the file.
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