What is deleted: Definition and 27 Discussions

A deleted scene is footage that has been removed from the final version of a film or television show. There are various reasons why these scenes are deleted, which include time constraints, relevance, quality or a dropped story thread, and can also be due to budgetary concerns. A similar occurrence is offscreen, in which the events are unseen.
A related term is extended scene, the longer version of a scene that was shortened for the final version of the film. Often, extended scenes are included in collections of deleted scenes or are referred to as deleted scenes themselves, as is the case with, for instance, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Serenity.

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  1. G

    Why was my thread deleted?

    First of all, I don't know where to put this. I had a thread in the advanced physics homework help (https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/calculating-the-transfer-function-for-dark-matter-numerically.1052335/#post-6883072) but it just vanished overnight. I never got a notification or something...
  2. jack action

    Can you restore data from a deleted file that was previously emptied?

    Say you have a large text file on your hard drive that you edit such that its content is fully erased and you save it that way. Then you delete the file. Is the content still on the hard drive? Usually, deleting a file only deletes the address where the file is on the hard drive and the content...
  3. D

    MHB Variance of ith deleted residual

    From linear model, $y = X\beta + \epsilon$, if $\hat{\sigma}^2 = \frac{|y - Xb|^2}{n-p}$ is the variance of error and $\hat{\sigma}_{-i}^2 = \frac{|y_{-i} - X_{-i}b_{-i}|^2}{n-p-1}$ is the estimate of the error variance σ obtained by fitting all the observations except the i-th. Show that...
  4. E

    What significance does the bird and Sun Deity have in Mayan symbolism?

    How do you delete the account?
  5. Albert1

    MHB What term should be deleted to make a perfect square?

    $A=(1!)\times(2!)\times(3!)\times--------\times(2016!)$ $B$ is obtained by deleting one term from $A$ now decide which term of $A$ should be deleted ,to make $B$ a perfect square
  6. oilyardm

    How to recover deleted files from Android SD card?

    Anyone has the suggestion on this? I deleted a couple of photos stored on SD card and i heard it's highly possible get back them. Actually, I tried a few 'so-called' data recovery apps, none of them work. Do you guys have any recommendation on this? thanks in advance
  7. F

    Lost PST files after format - how to recover deleted files?

    Hi guys, I've accidently formatted my PC with lots of PST files which were on drive c:. I REALLY need to recover them ASAP. Which tools can I run in order to recover those files? I've already tried the following: 1) Recover my files 5.x - both full partition recovery and PST file 2) Hetman...
  8. Prof. 27

    Partial Differentiation -- y deleted or ignored?

    Homework Statement Given: z = f(x,y) = x^2-y^2 To take the partial derivative of f with respect to x hold y constant then take the derivative of x. ∂f/∂x = 2x What I don't understand is why such would equal 2x, when the y is still there it just isn't variable and is ignored. Wouldn't it be...
  9. Y

    How to completely delete the deleted files and programs?

    I am returning a defective computer, I uninstalled all my installed programs and deleted all the files I put into the computer. I empty the recycle bin. I went into the program files folder and deleted my installed files. Is everything completely deleted?( I don't think so.). What else can I do...
  10. Silicon Waffle

    PHP Why Does the Value Persist After Deletion in This PHP Code?

    using namespace std; class A { int i; public: A(); void Set(int& i){this->i=i;} void Print(){cout<<i<<endl;} }; int main() { int *i=new int; A ra; i=10; ra.Set(*i); delete i; ra.Print(); } I think after delete i, the value in Set will also be deleted. Isn't...
  11. J

    PF'ers who deleted their Facebook, please convince me to.

    I'll be open and honest about what's holding me back. Fear that I'll miss something if I leave (e.g. an unexpected friend or family member of mine joining Facebook) Fear that I'll miss a good opportunity to post a photo album down the road which may lead to lots of comments and subsequent...
  12. R

    Why do my threads keep getting deleted?

    I finally got an answer to my question by a poster on this site, and my thread gets removed. I broke no rules, so it seems some mod out there drunk with power. It is utterly pitiful, as I thought this was supposed to be a legitimate physics website, not one with corrupt mods.
  13. B

    Response to Deleted Thread that I've Worked on Too Hard to Let Go

    Response to Deleted Thread that I've Worked on Too Hard to Let Go! This is one of my responses to the "Cold Air" thread under the "Earth" category. The thread was deleted, but there was one really excellent response, to which I counter-responded, except that the thread was deleted before I...
  14. M

    What could be causing a file from 2011 to be undeletable?

    Recently I discovered a file (dated Feb. 13, 2011, time 8:07 P.M. (EST)) that cannot be deleted and does not respond to any commands, such as move, rename, open, etc. I have "unlocker assistant", but it doesn't work here. The date stamp corresponds to a time when I was surfing Physics...
  15. E

    Deleted neighborhoods, missing something about working with inequalities

    This is from a calculus textbook (self-study), but my problem is not with the calculus material itself. I feel I'm missing something (obvious!) from algebra. In any case: The problem statement Find an appropriate number L (a limit), and a deleted neighborhood N of a, such that a given e...
  16. R

    How can I remove a stubborn virus from my computer?

    My comp recently just caught an virus and I have tired many anti-virus programs to remove it and so far, no luck. Avast reported the file that is infected, but is unable to delete it. So I decided to check it myself, it's a file in my systems/drivers and when I tired to delete it. It saids the...
  17. jal

    Page on google search get it deleted?

    page on "google search" get it deleted? Can someone who does not want your page on "google search" get it deleted?
  18. M

    How many times have you deleted a message?

    I find myself writing full messages in the quick reply box thingy and then thinking "nahh" and never submitting them. I also delete messages I just posted quite often... A lot of times I see messages and think "Why didn't this person delete this message after noticing how completely pointless it...
  19. S

    Can I recover my deleted photos from a formatted memory card?

    I lost some photos on my HP camera using a SAN disk memory card. I think I reformatted the card accidentally, but the result, anyway is some of my photos are gone. Is it possible to get them back?
  20. A

    Recovering important deleted files

    OK, there is this problem which I need urgent help with. A separate user account was made on windows XP to do some very important work. Later on that account wasn't needed so that account was deleted. Unfortunately, the option chosen was to delete the user's files along with the account. And...
  21. zoobyshoe

    MySpace Group Hacked And Deleted

    Last night someone hacked the World Artist's Network, which was MySpace very largest forum, and deleted the whole thing. For hours I couldn't log on and thought it was just a server problem or something someone could easily fix. Instead, today, word started filtering around that someone had...
  22. JamesU

    I am tired of my posts getting deleted

    I am tired of my posts getting deleted a lot of times, I make posts come back and they're gone... and no, they're not offensive posts :mad:
  23. C

    Grr, deleted line in Newton's Method program

    Hi, I've done something really stupid. I found a Newton's Method program on the internet and copied it to my TI-83 Plus. This program let you put the function in Y1 and its derivative in Y2. Then, you ran the program, and once you input your first guess, you would hit the ENTER key as many times...
  24. B

    Studies and posts will be deleted

    Looks like my abstracts will be deleted even though they are abstracts of clinical studies and not copyrighted articles. Its called educational material and they all come from a governmental source. Each study has the author and where the study was performed, so the source of the article and the...
  25. C

    Checking In Songs - Can You Save Onto Hard Drive If Original Song File Deleted?

    IS it possible to save songs back onto the hard drive when checking in despite the fact that the song has since been deleted from both the playlist and hard drive? It appears on checking in, that the song disappears totally in OPEN MG software. Any help much appreciated as I deleted songs...