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Chem project, just need some starting advice

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    Hello... i am concurantly working on a chemistry project called my "favorite" element... i wanted to do helium because of its akward behavior at near absolute zero but since it doesnt react w/ anything i couldnt use it for my stoichiometry problems:frown: ... well anyways my element that i picked out of randomness, was Molybdenum... now can anyone pleae give me some tips as to where and how i could find some interesting information? and does anyone know anything interesting about this element allready that would not be "common textbook knowledge" (like element number, mass... simple stuff like that i dont need)... any help will not be overlooked, thankyou.

    oh yes, and to help anyone out who might actually help... its element number 42
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    Not directly the same question, but it is similar enought that I didn't want to start a new thread.

    I was just looking at some of the properties of Bromine and under Chemical Properties it had a heading of Incompatibilies. In this category it listed several metals and inorganics, but it also listed hydrogen. If HBr exsists, then how is that possible?
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    "Incompatibility" means do not mix without the expectation of great excitement when used in MSDS/NFPR contexts. You are looking at rapid and energetic reaction possibilities. HBr is formed as a result of such a reaction, but the the elements themselves are incompatible in the sense that reaction is inevitable.
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    Thanks. I was thinking it most likely would have been something more along those lines.
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