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Homework Help: Chemistry Homework Help

  1. Mar 4, 2006 #1
    Hey Guys. I got this question with these 6 elements in this table

    Silver = Metal
    Helium = Noble Gas
    Hydrogen = Non Metal
    Chlorine = Halogen
    Lead = Metal
    Sodium = Alkali Metal

    Now the question says

    Which of these are metals?

    I answered: Silver, Lead

    But I am wondering about Sodium can it be in the answer?

    Also another question states:

    Comparing the Density of the metals and non metals, Which element represents an anomaly? Why?

    Density (g mL^-1)

    Silver = 10.5
    Helium = 0.00017
    Hydrogen = 0.00008
    Chlorine = 0.00291
    Lead = 11.3
    Sodium = 0.97

    This question I dont clearly understand and I hope someone can help me!!
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    Sodium is a metal too.

    Silver = 10.5
    Lead = 11.3
    Sodium = 0.97

    Non metals:
    Helium = 0.00017
    Hydrogen = 0.00008
    Chlorine = 0.00291

    I don't see any anomality. Maybe they want you to answer sodium, but I don't see it as an anomality. It has a lower density than lead and silver because it has less protons and neutrons, which is the same to say mass, per unit of volume. I'm a beginner, I just tried to help. Wait for the experts.
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    Pponte Yeh I thought Sodium was a metal thanks for that but the last question is really bugging me.
  5. Mar 4, 2006 #4
    Yes but because it has fewer electrons, protons and neutrons it must also have a smaller volume, which means that logically it's density shouldn't be that far off from the other metals but since it is, it is an anomaly.
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    Ahh thanks guys you are real champs..
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