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Homework Help: Chemistry Problem

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    1. Methane and oxygen react to form carbon dioxide and water. What mass of water if formed if 3.2g of methane reacts with 12.8g of oxygen to produce 8.8g of carbon dioxide?

    2. For the reaction:
    I2 (g)------> I2(s) , DeltaH degree = -62.4 kJ at 25 degree C. Based on the information given, what is the DeltaH degree vap or DeltaH degree sub at 25 degree C??

    3. What is the smallest angle of SF6?

    4. For the reaction:
    2CH4 (g) + Cl2 (g)------->2CHCl3 (l) + 3H2(g)
    DeltaH degree= -118.6kJ . DeltaH degree f= -134.1 kJ/mol for CHCl3 (l). Find DeltaH degree f for CH4 (g).

    5. When 200ml if 0.150M of hydrochloric acid is added to 125 mL of 0.175 M mg(OH)2, the resulting solution will be: (acidic, basic, neutral)???

    6. What is the Celsuis temperature of 100.0 g of chlorine gas in a 40.0 L container at 800mmHg?

    7. Calculate the energy change in kJ/mol for the reaction:
    Li+(g) + F-(g) ------> Li(g) + F(g) using the following information :
    Li (g) ----> Li+(g) + e- +520 kJ/mol
    F(g) + e----->F-(g) -328 kJ/mol
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    I already turned in my homework (years ago)....
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