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Chrome bug affecting PF chat input box

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    Jonathan Scott

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    Since the new PF chat was implemented, I've often had problems in Chrome with the input box intermittently going partly or totally blank (sometimes just certain letters go blank), and I've had to resort to using Firefox instead for chat.

    I have also been having a problem with text going blank or being corrupted in Chrome (or sometime Chrome crashing completely) both on my Windows Vista family computer and my Windows 7 work computer, which I reported some months ago as Chrome issue 474156. I recently discovered that the problem went away on Windows 7 when I went back to default Chrome flag settings, at which point I realised that I had previously turned on "Disable DirectWrite" to get round a previous problem. I have furthermore confirmed that if I turn on "Disable DirectWrite" on my son's Windows 8 system, the problem occurs there too.

    Anyway, now I've turned off "Disable DirectWrite" on Windows 7, I also no longer have the problem with the input line going partially or totally blank in PF chat, which suggests that the problem was due to the same Chrome bug or a closely related one. So if you have the problem on Windows 7 or above, it can be circumvented by turning off "Disable DirectWrite" in the Chrome flags.

    Unfortunately, this Chrome flag option seems to be ignored on Windows Vista, because Chrome previously tried to use DirectWrite capabilities which were not supported in Vista and got into a mess, so I don't know of any way to avoid this bug on Vista at present.
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    Thanks for the tip JS!
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