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Coding new integral sign in mathjax for html file

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    I am creating a website and wish to include a new integral sign that has an infinity sign over it but aligned with the same tilt angle as the integral. I'm using Mathjax to render the math code. I can code this in Latex outside an HTML file and it works perfectly but does require the graphicx library and rotatebox function:

    Is there a way I can implement this in my HTML file?

    Code (Text):
    I then just write \mathop{\Xint{\Rinfty}}
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    Will this work?

    The above renders here at PF (also using MathJax) as ##\int_0^{\infty}##
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    I want the infinity sign to look like part of the integral sign. I can code it up in TexnicCenter and save it as a PDF file or bmp file and post it here to show what i want if you could explain to me how to save it here.
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    You can upload an image by using the UPLOAD button that appears at the lower right corner of the text entry pane. You can specify that the image should be a thumbnail (small image) or a full-size image inline with whatever text you write.
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    Ok. Here's a pdf file that was generated with the latex code above. Note also if I try and back-space an "8" into the integral using latex commands, the 8 won't be tilted at the same angle as the slant of the integral sign and will look funny.

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    Got it close enough for now Mark and it works with mathjax (the 8 in the mathit font is slightly tilted):


    $$\bint f(z) dz
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