What is Mathjax: Definition and 14 Discussions

MathJax is a cross-browser JavaScript library that displays mathematical notation in web browsers, using MathML, LaTeX and ASCIIMathML markup. MathJax is released as open-source software under the Apache License.
The MathJax project started in 2009 as the successor to an earlier JavaScript mathematics formatting library, jsMath, and is managed by the American Mathematical Society. The project was founded by the American Mathematical Society, Design Science, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and is supported by numerous sponsors such as the American Institute of Physics and Stack Exchange.MathJax is used by web sites including arXiv, Elsevier's ScienceDirect, MathSciNet, n-category cafe, MathOverflow, Wikipedia (on the backend), Scholarpedia, Project Euclid journals, IEEEXplore, Publons, Coursera, and the All-Russian Mathematical Portal.

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  1. giodude

    LaTeX Trying to write in LaTex and MathJax not picking up

    I'm attempting to use latex to write a question in the physics forum. However, when I click preview to check if the formatting is correct it doesn't reformat to display in its latex form, rather it stays in plain text. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong? I've posted the screenshots...
  2. DrClaude

    LaTeX Package braket broken in MathJax

    It appears that the MathJax implementation of the ##\LaTeX## package is broken. In another thread, I posted this In this post, the command \braket{N} should display as $$ \langle N \rangle $$ but it appeared as $$ \langle N | N \rangle $$ If I try it in this post, it results in $$...
  3. KenJackson

    LaTeX Troubleshooting MathJax.js Load Error on PF Website

    The web pages at PF include this script, which won't load, so latex is not rendered: https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/mathjax/2.7.4/MathJax.js When I try to fetch it with curl, I get an error: "Failed to connect to cdnjs.cloudfare.com port 443: Connection refused" Am I the only one? Is...
  4. Tunalover

    LaTeX Discover LaTex & MathJax for Writing Math Expressions

    Until this forum I had never heard of LaTex for writing mathematical expressions. Can anyone help me: A. find out where to download these programs. B. find someone who would be willing to provide guidance on installing and using these programs C. find LaTex and MathJax primers I can print...
  5. Oats

    Downloading & Installing STIX Fonts for MathJax

    Hello, Every website that I go on that has MathJax support displays math in a font that almost looks like the default Computer Modern ##\LaTeX## font. The following is taken from Math Stack Exchange: I heard that MathJax usually looks for the STIX font located on your computer, and if it does...
  6. A

    Coding new integral sign in mathjax for html file

    I am creating a website and wish to include a new integral sign that has an infinity sign over it but aligned with the same tilt angle as the integral. I'm using Mathjax to render the math code. I can code this in Latex outside an HTML file and it works perfectly but does require the graphicx...
  7. Greg Bernhardt

    LaTeX Behind the Math: Peter Krautzberger - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new PF Insights post Behind the Math: Peter Krautzberger Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  8. andrewkirk

    LaTeX Latex rendering (another thread)

    In post #4 of this thread the latex engine seems to go haywire halfway through a 'display math' section delimited by double dollars. The same code, with the PF-specific breakouts for in-line tex converted to latex standards, works perfectly in my offline latex engine. Further, to my surprise...
  9. MarkFL

    MHB New MathJax extensions added

    Hello Everyone, We have added all of MathJax's extensions to our script, so we have many new commands available. You can read about them here: http://docs.mathjax.org/en/latest/tex.html#tex-and-latex-extensions Here are some examples of our new extensions: Bbox: \bbox[5px,border:2px solid...
  10. Ackbach

    MHB RH and LH Double-Quotes in MathJax

    Anyone know how to do handed double-quotes in Mathjax? I know how to do it in normal $\LaTeX$, but the code $$\frac{d}{dx}\,f(x)\;\text{``is one notation''}$$ yields $$\frac{d}{dx}\,f(x)\;\text{``is one notation''}$$ So that doesn't quite work like it normally does in $\LaTeX$. The...
  11. Greg Bernhardt

    LaTeX MathJax (LaTeX) upgraded to 2.0

    MathJax has been upgraded to 2.0 today. Some members appeared to have problems due to cache conflicts. I've changed the CDN address and now it should be working smoothly. Take some time to look over "what is new". I'm sure you'll find some interesting new features. I am regularly in...
  12. Chris L T521

    LaTeX Testing LaTeX (powered by MathJax)

    \[\int_0^{\infty}e^{-x^2}\,dx=\frac{\sqrt{\pi}}{2}\] This is inline: \(\frac{\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}\) Other centered equation $$\Gamma(x)=\int_0^{\infty}e^{-t}t^{x-1}\,dt $$
  13. B

    Maple MathJax, already in use here, now in AIP journals

    We are happy to announce a new partnership between MathJax and AIP Publishing. MathJax is an open-source JavaScript display engine that produces high-quality math in all modern browsers, without plug-ins or other special set-up requirements, which is why it works so great on Physics Forums...
  14. A

    LaTeX Solving Latex (MathJax) Bug - Partial Derivatives

    This doesn't work properly: \begin{array} \frac {\partial}{\partial a^1} = \cdots \\ \frac {\partial}{\partial a^2} = \cdots \\ \frac {\partial}{\partial a^3} = \cdots \end{array} It gives \begin{array} \frac {\partial}{\partial a^1} = \cdots \\ \frac {\partial}{\partial a^2}...