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Homework Help: Coefficient Static Friction Problem

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    Hey guys, i attempted this question and got an answer but i'm not sure if i did it right, since it seemed too simple too me.

    http://www.physics.ubc.ca/~mattison/Courses/Phys170/p170-ps6.pdf [Broken]

    It is question #4 on the link, and what i did was use kinematics to find acceleration then simply use F=ma to find the Friction force, (Ff) and F=mg to find the upward force (Fn) and then use Mui = Ff/FN

    and got an answer around 0.56.

    I was wondering if this is too simple or if the speed of the truck has anything to do with this calculation, since i did not take that into consideration since both the speed of the crate and truck were 80kph (22.2m/s)
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    Doc Al

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    Looks like you did it correctly to me. All that matters is the speed of the crate when it hits the ground.
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    Thanks Al.
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