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News Colin Powell resigns

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    Is he distancing himself from Iraq and or possible run as a candidate in 2008?
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    I still just don't see him being very motivated to run for President (but, who knows what four years can bring?)

    I think the main reason is that he's the peg that doesn't fit. He always winds up presenting the opposing view point. Frustrating in any event - probably especially so when the evidence given you to support the opposing view turns out to be false.
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    Considering all he's been through its a surprise it took this long, well in reality it could not have happened earlier but he's been a "ghost" for a while ... the UN disaster where he presented the "evidence" for one was a huge bummer, wonder was giving up his post his own idea (we'll probably never now but ...) ?
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    In the past he's been pretty explicit about not ever wanting to run for public office. Disappointing.
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    Do you know why he decided not to run for President in '96? Was it out of Respect for Clinton, was it him thinking he couldn't beat Clinton (regardless of how he felt), or something else?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I suspect that he was asked to leave. His relations with Rummy have been strained for a long time. Powell also spoke out against the evidence used to justify the invasion.
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    Among other things, a promise to his wife. The first black president will have to accept that assasination is a high possibility, and Colin's wife voiced that worry to him.
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    Sad, but true... And he'd be such a great President too.

    Has there ever been a BAD president that was assasinated? No one ever tried to kill Hoover or anything...
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    Some people think that Warren Harding was murdered. That's not quite the same as assassinated, but he certainly was a bad president. For that matter Garfield was no great shakes.
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    What great shakes can one expect from a 6 month term ?
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    My prespective exactly.

    Garfield had SUCH potential. I just can't stand how everyone so flippantly writes him off as a failure. How much did THEIR favorite president get done in his first half a year in office?!?!?! :cry:
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