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Compressed air storage for energy production

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    Hi everyone!

    This is the first time I post a topic here so forgive me if there are some shortcomings. I have just taken a project about design and implementation of a compressed air storage and then release compressed air to produce electricity. This is not new project and has been installed in many countries over the world. But my project is in small scope such as generating energy for a room or bigger as a building. Eventually I choose supplying power for computer lab in my uni. There are about 40 desktops with LCD monitor in each. Now I don't know how to start with this project. The compressor and generator are exist, I think I have to focus on the discharge with an accompanied turbine but it is not clear. If anyone has known or done this project, give me some advices or show me the way I have to follow, which data should be estimated because I am now as blind man and don't know what it has to do first.

    Thank you guy.
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    1, work out how much power all those devices use, you can estimate this from manufacturers figures or you can measure the current for the device with a meter (be careful if your country uses 230V!)

    2, Look up the energy stored in a given mass of gas at a given pressure (start with wiki?)

    3, Turbines are a little complicated, you can use compressed air to drive a normal piston engine. This is easier to figure out the speed,power,torque for and if you actually want to build a working model - a lot easier to get hold of.
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    Compressed gas storage is tricky because of the compressibility and the large amount of energy that can be stored. This mean that the pressure vessels must be designed with care so that they don't burst and become shrapnel that may kill someone.
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    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d9/Minebw-large.jpg [Broken]

    I have found out this diagram but I don't understand much. Can someone explain for me what is function of recuperator and turbine in this system? This turbine is run by compressed air pressure however why we have fuel here and what is used for?

    (sorry the picture is too big)
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