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Connect a circuit on breadboard

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    I am learning how to connect a BJT circuit on breadboard.I find this tutorials https://backyardbrains.com/experiments/transistorDesign#prettyPhoto
    If I want to remove all the input components ,I connect to a power supply
    How to connect the circuit to the ground and provide +9V to the circuit ?

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    I don't understand a question. You asked how to connect battery to the breadboard? You want to remove all input components? What does that mean?
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    I don't understand what you mean nor what you intend to do by this.
    The input current, same as the speaker, are both set at 1/2 the power source. The speaker is hooked to power and the "input" is hooked to ground. The circuit is a buck-converter amplifier if I'm not mistaken. If you change the "input" range to the incorrect component values and or locations could cause bodily harm.
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    Are you asking how to change the 9V battery to a 9V mains adaptor?
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