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Homework Help: Conservation of Linear Momentum Problem

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    Identical twins, each with mass 52.6 kg, are on ice skates and at rest on a frozen lake, which may be taken as frictionless. Twin A is carrying a backpack of mass 12.0 kg. She throws it horizontally at 3.40 m/s to Twin B. Neglecting any gravity effects, what are the subsequent speeds of Twin A and Twin B?

    I think I'd use conservation of linear momentum wouldn't I?

    m1v1i + m2v2i = m1v1f + m2v2f

    Would I do it twice? Once for when the backpack is thrown and then again for when it is caught?
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    Hi MG5! :smile:
    Yes! :smile: And yes! :smile: And yes! :smile:
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