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Homework Help: Construct a FBD of the system

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    The problem states: Construct a FBD of the system shown in 7.38(which i have attached). The beam is uniform and has a mass of 550 kg(I converted it to kN). Determine the moment M that will relieve roller A of any load. At this condition determine the resultant pin reaction at B.

    This is not a mechanics class(so I have no background)but our instructor was just getting us started for next semester mechanics that he teaches. The book has few examples and not an example of this type. How would I determine the moment? Any help to get me started would be great. Thanks

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    Hi ur5pointos2sl! :smile:

    I can't see the picture yet,

    but my guess is that you should find M by taking moments about B

    (because then the reaction at B can be ignored :wink:)
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