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The FBD Insurance League, also called the FBD Connacht League, the Connacht FBD Football League, is an annual Gaelic football competition organised by Connacht GAA and sponsored by FBD. The participants are the five county teams
Formerly several third-level college teams also competed, but from 2018 onward it is an all-county tournament. Since 2019 it has been a knockout tournament with no league element, and so it is called the FBD Insurance Connacht GAA Senior Football Competition.Galway lead the way with most titles.

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  1. S

    The FBD Mystery: Why Isn't Normal Force Along Radial Line?

    so this is what the FBD is.... but to be fair, to me this one looks as if the normal force in the direction of the radial line, yet it isn't???? here in the solution, it's not along the radial line, whys that???
  2. xxxyzzz

    Engineering Drawing FBD: Cable Passes Over a Smooth Peg

    Attempting to draw the FBD for this problem but was wondering what to do about the cable, especially when I determine the internal loadings at E. At C, do I only draw one force arrow (CB), or draw both on the left and right side?
  3. M

    Engineering Statics question about FBD of a backhoe (w/ pin reactions)

    So, for the link "AB"...they didn't directly list the pin reactions from pin "A" here, but I want to be sure that I understand what those reactions are. So, from what I see in this image, the member is pushing at the pin "A" (red arrow) because otherwise, the bucket would want to rotate...
  4. P

    Trouble with FBD: Is There an Upward Force?

    I am having trouble coming up with a FBD. I know there is a Fg, Fn, friction, and applied force on the masses, but would there be another force going upwards because of the acceleration?
  5. J

    Inclined plane FBD for latch mechanism

    I apologize if this is the wrong area to post this in, I've never posted on thisforum before. I'm trying to form a FBD of a mechanism that uses linear motion to actuate a pin in a transverse direction. I've attached the general idea in a picture where the pin is free to move up and down. In...
  6. M

    Engineering FBD of a loaded Dumptruck platform that is Tilting

    Hi, From the picture the following statement is asked: "Draw a FBD from the loaded platform of the truck. D has a mass of 25 kN and it's center is at point G. D rest on a pin in A and is connected with a hydraulic cylinder pinned in point B. Give the meaning of the forces." I made a FBD and I...
  7. rayjbryant

    Engineering Need help verifying symbolic calculations for an FBD statics problem

    So basically, I got close to a zero for my solution to this problem. I'm guessing based on the posted solutions that I wasn't able to get partial credit due to the fact that my coordinate axis was aligned with the slender bar and not in its usual perpendicular position. This resulted in...
  8. Boolean

    Lug FBD and simple mechanicals

    Pretty simple FBD of a lug in a pull test that I solved using FEA software, but I’m having trouble checking with a hand calc. Back end is fully supported in a test fixture Feel free to make up numbers where not given
  9. E

    B A questionable statement in some FBD notes?

    My sibling has been given a set of mechanics notes by her teacher; when I was looking through I saw something very suspicious... Huh? I quite literally have no idea what this means. The acceleration is a physical observable, so it already has a fixed (if unknown) direction and you are not just...
  10. E

    Understanding V-Belt Tension and Forces: Exploring a FBD Diagram

    I found this diagram, How does the belt tension arise? I would assume it be exerted by belt elements on either side (i.e. unbalanced tension forces due to curvature around the pulley), but that's not clear from this diagram. Also, just to make sure I'm not going crazy, why have they drawn...
  11. ramadhankd

    FBD of two translating rollers connected by a belt

    Hey, I'm trying to create a mechanism consisting of multiple rollers connected with belt, moving in the same linear direction with acceleration a, but I got stuck in finding the relationship between the forces and acceleration. I even got confused in building the FBD of only two rollers. The...
  12. M

    Why are centripetal and gravitational forces equal in orbiting bodies?

    I've solved this problem, I know you equal centripetal force with gravitational force, then rearrange for velocity to find T. My answer is the same as the one in the back of the book. But then I started thinking about it and don't know why they are equal to each other. Arent the forces in the...
  13. Shivam

    Draw the F.B.D. (Free Body diagram) of two blocks

    Summary: In the situation given, all the surfaces are friction less, pulley is ideal and string is light, F=mg/2, Find the acceleration of block 2 ? Here's the diagram-- My attempt- (i) I tried to solve the question by making FBD of the two blocks, but i am not able to draw all the forces...
  14. lyn83716

    What will the FBD of 2 blocks being pulled look like?

    Homework Statement Block A is on top of Block B, both are of equal mass and size. Block B is being pulled by a hook at a constant velocity. There is friction between the table and block B. Homework Equations [/B] What will each FBD look like? Is there friction between Block A and Block B...
  15. M

    FBD of Two rods pinned together

    I understand that this will be a simple question, but I am having a difficult time understanding what is going on in the situation when two rods are pinned together. The situation is this: imagine that you have three rods arranged to form an equilateral triangle and each of them are pinned...
  16. J

    Which forces am I missing in the FBDs?

    Homework Statement Two blocks with pulleys attached lie on a frictionless surface and are connected by a massless rope strung over the pulleys as shown at right. A force of magnitude F is applied to the second block. Draw a FBD for a system consisting of Block 1 and its pulley, and also a...
  17. Andres Padilla

    FBD of an aerogenerator (Windmill)

    Homework Statement Good afternoon, I hope someone could help me with this problem, it is killing my head. I have an aerogenerator, I already find the torque excerted by the air (75.8N) and the force transmitted by the gear (1010.6N). The problem comes when I try to draw the free body diagram to...
  18. Physics345

    Does the label "centripetal force" ever appear in a FBD

    Homework Statement Does the label "centripetal force" ever appear in an FBD? Explain. Homework Equations None. The Attempt at a Solution No, centripetal force does not appear as a label on a FBD. Since it is not specific enough it does not tell us what the force is that’s keeping the object...
  19. Biochemgirl2002

    How do I draw a FBD for centripetal force

    The question Sometimes road surfaces have banked curves, use a FBD to explain how it helps cars make turns more safely My trial: I drew this FBD (attached below) And I think it helps make driving more safe because the Fn acting on the car is pointed more towards the middle of the curve...
  20. M

    Understanding Point B: Solving for Normal Force at Point B

    I need help understanding point B Point A i get. Normal force at B = m x v2/r - m x g = 1.68 x 12 x 12 /5 - 1.68 x 9.8 = 31.92 N I can't make sense of why the forces are subtracting if A radial and MG are both positive
  21. J

    Draw a FBD, calculate tension in the string, determine mass

    Homework Statement A box slides on a smooth (frictionless) horizontal surface, 1.50 m above the floor, at a speed of 2.00 m/s. The box then slides down a ramp that makes an angle of 36 deg with the horizontal and has a coefficient of kinetic friction equal to 0.430. After reaching the end of...
  22. D

    B Explain FBD in vertical circle

    Hi , just curious about the F.B.D of a pebble moving in a vertical circle, which component that balances the weight of the pebble at the horizontal position , as tension is providing the required centripetal force , weight is acting downwards , which component balances it ?
  23. G

    Dynamics exam prep -- forces explanation in FBD please

    I am doing a review for a Dynamics exam, but I am having trouble with this one question (below). Please note the top of the picture contains the answers. What I have done is make a free body diagram that includes the tension of the cable and the weight of the rider/swing. So according to my...
  24. T

    Analyzing a fixture - FBD help

    Homework Statement I am designing a fixture to hold a large piece of sheet metal on which a track robot will be tested vertically. Below is a sketch (the sheet metal on which the track and robot will be mounted will be attached to the vertical aluminum extrusions in the back) The weight of the...
  25. Vitani11

    What are the tension and angle of support rope for a cylinder about to slip?

    Homework Statement A uniform cylinder with mass 100kg, length 4.0m, and radius 12cm is supported by a rope as shown. The coefficient of static friction between the cylinder and the horizontal is 0.60. The cylinder is just about to slip to the right. What is the tension in the support rope and...
  26. R

    Designing Electric Scooter: Forces on Handlebar

    Hi, I am trying to design an electric scooter, in a lot of ways similar to link below: http://www.letskickscoot.com/home/articles/scooter_stance.cfmFor an all electric vehicle , I am guessing stance 1 would be similar to braking, and stance 2 would be for an accelerating vehicle's frame of...
  27. Eduardo1234

    Automotive Vehicle dynamics -- Accelerating FBD

    Im starting to learn about vehicle dynamics by watching video lectures here , and also reading the books by Gillepsie and Jazar. I´ve got a fundamental question about the FBD of the vehicle. According to Gillepsie :http://imgur.com/a/lGXxw http://imgur.com/a/lGXxw The vehicle is...
  28. alaa amed

    What is the Direction of Friction Force for a Slowing Car?

    Homework Statement A car is coasting to the right and slowing down. Neglect air resistance Draw free body diagram. Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I drew the normal and the force of gravity equal and opposite of each other in the vertical direction. However, I am little...
  29. G

    Analysis of Tri-Pod Jack Stand with Welded Connections and Axial Load

    Homework Statement A jack-stand with three equally spaced legs (120 degrees) are connected to a center tube is loaded axially with 36,000 pounds. Each leg has a horizontal cross member 11 inches from the ground. All connections are welded. Set up FBD and find reaction forces. Homework...
  30. S

    Derive an expression for the acceleration of the ramp.

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The picture is all we know about the entire system, we need to derive an expression for the acceleration of ramp M. There is no friction anywhere. The ramp is free to move on the surface beneath it. The Attempt at a Solution I drew the free body...
  31. B

    Problem with making the correct FBD

    Homework Statement Consider a wedge of mass ##m## whose upper surface is a quarter circle and is smooth. The lower part is rough. A small block of same mass is kept at the topmost position and the initial position is shown in figure. The block slides down the wedge. Find the minimum value of...
  32. A

    Engineering statics equilibrium problem

    Homework Statement Here is the prompt/picture The hint given is a FBD of the bead is recommended to being this problem. Find the coordinates of B so that both the magnitude and orientation of the elastic cord force can be properly represented. Also, two mutually orthogonal normal force...
  33. W

    Setting up systems of forces and free body diagrams

    Homework Statement Suppose I've got a static mass on a downward plane. (For instance a car on a drive way). How would you set up this free body diagram? Homework Equations F = f1+f2...etc The Attempt at a Solution My preference is A, but I've seen it displayed in examples in my book as B...
  34. A

    Equilibrium of a Collar and Pulley System with Spring - Free Body Diagram

    Homework Statement A collar with a pulley slides on a frictionless vertical bar GH. A string A B C D is wrapped around, where portion AB of the string is horizontal. A spring with 2.5 lb/in. stiffness is placed between the collar and point H. The spring has 7 in. unstreched length and 5 in...
  35. A

    What is the force required to keep two blocks in equilibrium

    Homework Statement Blocks A and B each weight 170 lb and rest on frictionless surfaces. They are connected to one another by cable AB. Determine the force P required to hold the blocks in the equilibrium position shown and the reactions between the blocks and surfaces. Hint given: This...
  36. A

    Finding largest value of H of a ramp, from a FBD

    Homework Statement The dimension h is to be determined to that a worker can comfortably slides boxes weighing up to 106 lb up and down a frictionless incline. If the worker can apply a 50 lb horizontal force to the box, what is the largest value h should have? Hint given: Before taking any...
  37. nate crosby

    Free Body Diagram -- forces on a structure over a balcony wall

    Hi, I am trying to work out the forces involved at the contact points in a design of a structure over a balcony wall. I have drawn up the cross section of the situation equilibrium, with a tolerance. I want to find out what forces will be acting on the structure and the balcony wall when a...
  38. A

    Force of Friction on Boat w/ Thrust

    Homework Statement A boat moves across the water at a constant 30 mph towards the west. If the motor is generating a thrust of 500 M then the force of friction on the boat must be... a. 500 N to the east b. 500 N to the west c. less than 500 N to the east d. less than 500 N to the west...
  39. T

    FBD of Flexible and Rigid Body Coupling

    Problem: I am having a bit of problem with the signs on the force balance with the constraining force. The system is: Attempt: I drew the FBD with the constraining force for the lumped mass: Then I tried to solve for the constraint force in terms of the spring and damper: For the...
  40. N

    Free body diagram and applying Newtons law

    hello! this is a question that iv been working on and can't seem to figure it out, i checked out the other two threads on this same question but they were of no help, anyway here it is: A wedge with mass M rests on a frictionless horizontal table top. A block with mass m is placed on the wedge...
  41. C

    Creating a Numerical Model for a falling Ball

    Homework Statement A ball was dropped through a known vertical distance with the time of drop also recorded. The aim of the task is to create a numerical model in excel in order to approximate the drag coefficient. Homework Equations This is my method. 1. FBD for the ball falling. (assume...
  42. E

    Solving Box Pulling Problem: Accelerating Comics to Stuart's Store

    Homework Statement Sheldon moves a box of comic books to stuarts comic book store by attaching a rope to the box and pulling with a force of 90 N at an angle of 30. The box of comic books has a mass of 20 kg and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the bottom of the box and the sidewalk...
  43. STEMucator

    Troubleshooting a FBD of a Pulley

    Homework Statement I'm having a bit of trouble understanding something from this: http://gyazo.com/88a466b57d8516d2df1b12008947be43 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I understand how to get the components of reaction at ##A## as well as the tension in segment...
  44. T

    FBD of Block: Real-Life Example and Equations

    Homework Statement Describe a real situation that would give rise to the FBD of the block. N is normal, T is tension, W weight, f static friction Homework Equations Fnet = ma The Attempt at a Solution A block glued to a wall, while someone pulling a string down on it.
  45. T

    Max Acceleration from Friction w/ Coeff 0.95: 9.3 m/s2

    Homework Statement What is the greatest acceleration that can be generated by a runner if the coefficient of static friction between shoes and road is 0.95? Homework Equations Fnet = ma Force of static friction: usN Weight= mg The Attempt at a Solution FBD: Positive x-axis is...
  46. danjordan

    Block floating in between oil and water, what's the FBD?

    [Mentor note: This thread was moved from General Physics due to it being homework related] A friend and I were reviewing problems from a GRE subject which read: "A layer of oil with density 800 kg/m^3 floats on top of a volume of water with density 1000 kg/m^3. A block floats at the oil-water...
  47. C

    Solving a Physics Problem: FBD and Newton's 2nd Law

    Homework Statement Attached Homework Equations Attached The Attempt at a Solution 2ac + 3 = 0 => ac = 1.5m/s^2 upwards For FBD of C, Newton's 2nd law 2T - 200g = 200*1.5 => T = 1131N For FBD of the beam, Take moments about A, and assume beam is rigid (CCW positive): 2.5T - 3T -...
  48. S

    Calculating FBD Forces for Acceleration: Solution Verification and Analysis

    Homework Statement 1)What should F be so that m3accelerates upwards at 1 m/s2? Homework Equations F = ma The Attempt at a Solution So I start by drawing FBD's for everything: ^^also, there is supposed to be a force of friction to the right on M1, I factored that into my...
  49. H

    Solve FBD Problem: M.asinθ=N, N.sinθ=Ma

    Homework Statement see attached image Homework Equations F=ma The Attempt at a Solution I have the relations 1)M.asinθ=N 2)N.sinθ=Ma Which one is correct and why? 3)if (1) is incorrect is the correct relation --M.asinθ+M.gcosθ=N?