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Contracting a line segment

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    if we consider a segment of course it's composed by infinitive points
    i want to contract it and i know the avarage point M
    if i contract the segment cutting each time one point from the terminal points i will always have infinitive points and so i can't contract the segment until the avarage point
    wathever is the length
    but if i have only the avarage point and i add twe points(P and O) at the avarage point
    then cutting those points i will have only the avarage point even if i have the segment PO(because a segment is always composed by an infinitive number of points)

    i don't understend
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    If P and O are at M, the segment is of zero length. A segment will have an infinite number of points only if its length is greater than zero.
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    matt grime

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    Neither do I. What do you mean by the following terms:

    average point
    add two points at the average point
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    sorry i'm not englesh
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    It's not the English that's the problem. What could you possibly mean by "adding points" to a point?
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