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Convenient scale for links

  1. Jan 27, 2014 #1
    hello all. here are link lengths Link 1=177.8, Link 2=228.6, Link 3=76.2, Link 4= 203.2 . I dont know how I can choose a convenient scale for these links.Do you have any idea? For example is it a good approch to choose 1 cm for 50 mm.to what centimeters can I roll the numbers. Link ratios to the shortest are such as 2.667 or 2.333.
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    Why don't choose your scale as the smallest link length? This way you'll have down scaled link lengths as 1 unit, 2.322, 3 and 2.667 units.
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    It's not clear what your purpose is. Are you making a drawing? Are you making a model?
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    I am trying to solve a problem on paper.
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