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Homework Help: Crazy Calculus Integration worksheet from almost ivy league school i need help

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    Hey, welcome to PF. You'll have to show us what you have tried on a case by case basis. See the FAQ at the top of this forum.

    That said the first one looks like a substitution would help.
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    They look like pretty standard integrals to me. Basically textbook exercises.
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    Gib Z

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    SHH. No, we're just geniuses. :wink:
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    Speak for yourself, I have the most basic education in calculus. Now Middle Earth folk lore, that be different. I is genius there. :smile:

    Have you tried an internet integrator, or a calculator? When I get stuck I always look at the answer and differentiate it, it helps me to figure out where to go in my head sometimes. Sort of reverse engineering. As said even with my calculus skills some of those don't look all that hard.
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