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Deja what? or overlapping life histories.

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    Deja what?? or overlapping life histories.

    Yesterday, my wife encountered a childhood school friend that she had not seen in some 30 odd years. This caused her, last night, to drag out her old school annuals and start a trip down memory lane.

    In her sophomore high school annual she found a Memorial to one of her teachers who had died in a house fire early in the year. The first thing that caught my eye was that the teachers birth year coincided with mine. Then the name JB! I said, " jB?" Then got out my Senior year annual and found pictures of jB, Sure enough, JB = jB.

    I was a bit shocked, this is a horrible death for a very nice girl, who had been a high school friend. I had had not heard or thought of her in years, she, for now obvious reasons has never been to a reunion.

    BTW, It is not as unlikely as one would initially think, my high school is only 120mi (~200 km) to the south of the school my wife went to, so it is not like we are talking huge distance differences.
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    That's sooooo weird. What a peculiar set of coincidences.
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    Indeed :bugeye:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Still, surprising at the least.

    On a similar note, two people that Tsu worked with just died within about week of each other. One was the girl in Portland, in the news, who was allegedly shot in the head by her husband. The other died in a car accident about a week later.
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    Speaking of bad coincidences,
    October 24 2003, by best mate's girlfriend left him for another guy.
    October 24 2004, I found out my girlfriend had cheated on me.
    October 20 2005, A friend of mine from work was killed in a car crash.
    October 24 2005, a friend of mine's sister had a heart attack and was left brain dead, she died a few days later. In that same week I broke up with my girlfriend, my boss broke up with his wife and had a bit of a breakdown, and left the city, and two of my other friends split up with their girlfriends.

    I've already made plans to go camping next October and not tell anyone where I'm going.
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    :redface: Good choice.
    :approve: Even better.
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