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Delete Button

  1. Apr 22, 2015 #1
    Why the delete button is recently removed from PF?
    It is not showing for even 2 minutes after we write the post.
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  3. Apr 22, 2015 #2
    I don't believe we've ever had a delete button. Are you sure you saw it?
  4. Apr 22, 2015 #3
    Are you kidding?
    I yesterday deleted one of my post, in thread what career what have you chosen if you were younger in general discussion forum.
  5. Apr 22, 2015 #4
    Voila, it is showing in post 3 , besides edit button.
    How come, did you do something?
  6. Apr 22, 2015 #5
    Are you sure you weren't trying to delete a thread before? You can your own post, but not a thread.
  7. Apr 22, 2015 #6
    No I am not able to delete a post in homework forum that would be 40 minutes old.
    I guess delete button is for 2 hrs valid. Yeah I know we cannot delete a thread starting post.
  8. Apr 22, 2015 #7
    Does Delete button works in PF lounge only, not in other forums?
    Also Delete button not works in P.M's .
  9. Apr 22, 2015 #8
    Should be able to in most forums

  10. Apr 22, 2015 #9
    In calculus and beyond homework forum it is not working. My post is 29 minutes old.
    Why we can't have a option of delete button in PM's ?
  11. Apr 22, 2015 #10
    We disabled deleting in the homework forums because some students get an answer and then delete their tracks.

    It's not even a permission I can set, ask the developers.
  12. Apr 22, 2015 #11
    But the students can also edit by making only a "." Sign. What's the major difference between it?
    How can I address them?
    Who are they? Are they available here in PF?
  13. Apr 22, 2015 #12
    The edit permission has a time window. The delete function does not.

  14. Apr 22, 2015 #13
    What is the time limit for edit button and for delete button?
    I guess it is different for gold members and non-gold members?
    Here I think you are making a point for gold members?
  15. Apr 22, 2015 #14
    200 minutes for regular members 600 for gold members. There is no time window for delete which is why it's disabled in the homework forums.
  16. Apr 22, 2015 #15
    But there is time limit for delete button also
    I cannot see it after one day for a post I made yesterday in general discussion forum.
  17. Apr 22, 2015 #16
    I'm sorry you are right, the edit/delete time windows are the same.
  18. Apr 22, 2015 #17
    So can you create a button of delete in homework section?
  19. Apr 22, 2015 #18
    If you want a homework post deleted, report it and staff can do it
  20. Apr 22, 2015 #19
    Never mind, I would edit it by only putting a full stop sign.
  21. Apr 24, 2015 #20


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    Then you should be aware that repeatedly editing a post in this manner is likely to get you banned. From PF Terms and Rules:

    Deleting Posts:
    Normally, we remove or edit posts only if they violate these Guidelines. You should consider your posts and threads as permanently available for everyone's benefit. If you want us to make an exception (e.g. a question that has not yet received any responses, or a post that contains personal identifying information), you may use the Report button on the post to request action.
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