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Homework Help: Determine the slit-with and slit-distance of a double slit laser diffraction

  1. Jul 23, 2012 #1
    Parallel laser light with wavelength 633 nm are incident perpendicular against a double slit. 2.50 m behind the double slit is a screen where the pattern can be seen (link below). Determine with the help of the figure the slit-with and slit-distance.




    b = slithwith

    bSin(v) = λ*m

    where Sin(v) ~ v = y/L

    b = (λ*L)/(y(diffmin))


    d = (λ*L)/(y(max))

    d = distance

    How can i get y(diffmin) and y(max) out of the figure ?(ignore my measurment in the figure) The answer should be b = 0.099 mm and d = 0.30 mm
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    Hi Firben. The figure shows the combined effect of double slit interference and single slit diffraction. Can you tell us from the figure the locations of the two first-order single-slit diffraction minima and the locations of the two first-order double-slit interference maxima?

    This might help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Single_slit_and_double_slit4.jpg
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