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Dispersion relation for (100) and (001)?

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    May I know what is the difference between the dispersion relation for 100 and 001 on the E-K diagram?

    Can i say 001 has lesser dispersion? But why is it so?
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    May be you could be so kind and provide us with some minimal information about what system you are talking. Electrons, photons, some specific material?
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    You can't say anything without having something specific to say it about, as DrDu says. (100) will have the same dispersion as (001) if there is a symmetry that maps the x axis onto the z axis, like in a cubic system. In a tetragonal system there is no such symmetry so the (100) direction will be different from the (001) direction. And without more specific knowledge about the system in question there is nothing else that can be said.
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    oh yes.. you are right, i'm sorry. may i know what's the difference between the dispersion for photons and electrons? and the material is InGaAs.
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