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Do Physics majors watch reality tv?

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    I know why I don't watch them cause they're crap, and I don't get the point of being famous for having no talent, but just curious if people with scientific backgrounds and higher education enjoy them?
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    I don't know about Physics majors, but at least one engineer watches Parking Wars. It's kind of fun watching people get parking tickets, have their cars booted and towed, and try to get their car out of the impound lot. It's a little like watching people have strips of flesh ripped off their body, but without the blood and gore.
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    George Jones

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    My wife and I both have degrees in physics. We don't have a TV, and we don't watch reality TV.
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    I was a math major and I don't watch reality TV. I therefor conclude that physics majors watch reality TV.
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    I have no interest in watching idiots who are on tv just because they're famous (typically most BIG network reality shows) but I watch a lot of reality beyond those on big networks. Human drama can be hilarious at times.
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    I should have said all science and math majors not just physics.
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    It's not a serious topic. I was just having a hard time picturing a bunch of scientist or engineers or mathematicians hanging out and discussing Keeping up with the Kardashians, but I didn't want to generalize so I figured i'd ask.
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    reality TV shows are painful at best

    not to mention I don't have any time to sit around on the couch for hours
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    I don't own a TV, and I don't miss it.
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    Just as i wrote that a car going by honked its horn (that's exceedingly rare out here). I looked up in time to see a deer jumping over the fence into my yard - it came pretty close to being road kill.

    Now that's reality!
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    My wife (who has a PhD in German) and I (physics) don't have the opportunity to watch many reality shows because we don't have cable or satellite TV, just a terrestrial antenna on our roof. From what we've read about them, it's just as well. We do watch one faithfully, "The Amazing Race." We enjoy traveling, so we like the glimpses of scenery and local life that we get between the scenes in airports and the back seats of cabs.

    Some of the tasks that the contestants have to do are pretty offbeat. Until last Sunday's episode in Shanghai, we never knew that frog Fallopian tubes are a delicacy!
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    Amazing Race is one of the few shows I watch, at least it includes a lot of information about local cultures worldwide.
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    I am a math major and I am a HUGE Jerry Springer fan. No matter how bad your life is, at least you've never been on the Jerry Springer show.
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    Having higher education does not mean that people share likes or dislikes. I know many well educated people who love reality TV, I know people who hate it and I know people who like some but not others. People are diverse, very diverse!
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    I don't see the relation between education and watching reality TV. For me, I find watching them unbearable. Having said that I like Dave Lambs sarcastic commentary on Come Dine With Me (U.K.).
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    I've never watched one even once.

    I don't have a TV. I'm happy to see by other posts that I'm not unique.
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    I like few of them. The rest I can't stand at all.
    I do watch "the Amazing race". It is pretty entertaining and makes me add some of the places they visited to my travel list.
    I'm also a secret fan of survivor. It gets annoying sometimes but if for nothing else I would watch it because of the pretty locations.
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    I suppose the answer depends on what one means by 'reality' TV. If it means shows about dysfunctional celebrities, or folks performing ridiculous stunts, then probably and hopefully no.

    If it means programs like PBS's NOVA, or back in the day, CBS's 21st Century (sponsored by Union Carbide, renamed from The 20th Century), then perhaps some physics and science majors watch it.

    In high school, I'd watch news or movies and do homework. On weekends, I spend a lot of time in either the city library or university library researching military history, pyrotechnics and high explosives, astrophysics, and plasma, nuclear and particle physics - and the occasional foray into political history, moral philosophy and religious studies - particular eastern religions.

    In university, I was too busy to watch TV. In grad school, I would watch the news, and maybe programs like Dr. Who and Star Trek, otherwise, I was doing homework, research or at a full time job.

    Professionally, my TV watching is spotty - mostly movies. Otherwise, I'm at PF or doing research.
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    I'm also a physics major who doesn't have a TV. My own reality is interesting enough usually...
  21. Oct 6, 2012 #20
    I don't know it seems like my friends that are really into education look down on reality tv shows and stars, and most of my friends that like to party A LOT are the ones that watch it.
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