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Homework Help: Does anyone know the chemical formula of cheese?

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    I'm interested in trying to find this out because i'm wondering if i could artificially make it from school materials...also i want to do a presentation on it tommorow, if i can't find the relevant information i'm going to have to do my presentation on ionisation energy, which is easy, and which everyone already knows...so it will be boring for us all...help me?! please :confused:
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    maybe even milk?
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    Or apples? Or dirt? Or roast beef? You are talking about mixtures, solutions, suspensions, gels, sols of many compounds, most of which have not been isolated, identified, and characterized, and of the interactions of those compounds with each other and with the interfaces among the various sol, gel, and solution phases.

    You can browse "natural products chemistry" for interesting tidbits, look at "casein" one of the proteins in milk and its uses, commercial preparation of milk sugar (lactose), suspension of fats and oils in water, but you ain't gonna find a chemical formula for cheese.
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    Oh i see...looks like i'll just do the presentation on ionisation energy then :tongue:

    Thanks for bothering to reply though
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    Seems like two rather unrelated projects.

    What else are you allowed to present on?
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