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I Does the Inverse cube law apply for magnetic repulsion?

  1. Mar 14, 2016 #1
    Was just wondering is it only possible for magnetic attraction? because the force increases exponentially with decreased distance, or can it be used for repulsion. It's blatantly obvious that magnetic repulsion is a lot weaker than attraction, by a 10% margin. hence why repulsion is weaker, but mathematically speaking, do they follow the same laws.
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    It is not, at least if you compare the same magnets in the same magnetic fields. You rarely have that as magnetic fields influence the strength of magnets in those fields.

    Both follow the same law, even their absolute values are identical.
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    Inverse cube isn't the same as exponential. You should be more careful when throwing that term around.

    Attraction isn't any stronger than repulsion at a fixed distance, but the attraction moves the magnets closer together, and the forces are stronger at closer distances.
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