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Doing BSc in Europe and MSc in US

  1. Jul 14, 2009 #1
    Hi all.

    If a student takes his/hers BSc in e.g. physics in a European country, is it possible to do the MSc in the U.S.? And do you know what must be done by the student in order for the to be possible?

    Also, is a graduate program in the US equivalent to a MSc program in Europe?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,
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  3. Jul 14, 2009 #2
    There's certainly nothing preventing it and they're pretty much equivalent. However, have you looked at the costs for an EU student to study at an american private university?
  4. Jul 14, 2009 #3
    I haven't done that, and it is a main concern of mine. I thought of applying for a scholarship, but I have no experience/knowledge on where to start.

    Do you know if there are representatives at the different colleges that can help potential students with these matters?
  5. Jul 14, 2009 #4
    Well any decent grad school is going to probably have a contact on either their department website or their grad students website for foreign students. However, generally those kind of scholarships are pretty tight. I don't know what you reasons are for picking america but I know tuition is substantially cheaper in canada, though still not nearly as cheap as it is for locals.
  6. Jul 14, 2009 #5
    Thank you for that.

    I am still a little worried about the difference between a graduate program and a European M.Sc. The graduate program is designed to be followed after an undergraduate program, just as a M.Sc. is designed to be followed after a B.Sc.

    I am worried that I will not be able to "patch up" the differences, if I choose to do a B.Sc. and a graduate program.
  7. Jul 14, 2009 #6
    In canada and Europe usually one does BSc. MSc. PhD and PhD's take abour 3-4 years. In the states it usually goes BSc. PhD and PhD's usually take 5-7 years.
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