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Dynamic Equations of a Circuit?

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    As part of a larger problem, I'm trying to understand the dynamic equations of the attached circuit with two capacitors and one resistor and a voltage source. When I use Kirchoff's Current Law at nodes V0 and V1, I get the following equations.

    0 = (dVs/dt-dV1/dt)*C1 - (V1-V2)/R - (dV1/dt-dV2/dt)*C2
    0 = (dV1/dt-dV2/dt)*C2 + (V1-V2)/R

    I have a feeling that this approach is wrong though, since I can't solve the equation when C1 = C2. I would be very appreciative if someone could tell me where I'm going wrong.

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    There's no current so dV/dt is always zero.
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