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E=mc^2 is not fully proven

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    so this guy who says hes a computer science major said this.

    "E=MC^2 but for rigor you must prove and demonstrate M=E/C^2 as well of your proof to be complete.".

    and because of that he says E=mc^2 is not fully proven.

    inputs?. is he right or wrong?.

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    Re: E=mc^2...


    If E = MC2, then M=E/C2 through basic algebraic manipulation - one implies the other.
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    Re: E=mc^2...

    I believe he is mistaken. I'm not sure where to look, but im almost certain E=MC^2 has been proven.
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    Re: E=mc^2...

    he says E=mc^2 is proven.

    but there is no proof(experiment) of M=E/C^2, so its not fully proved to be true.

    we can turn matter into energy but not vice versa.

    something like that.
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    Re: E=mc^2...

    Might want to ask those people at CERN what they think they're doing then. Pair production anyone?
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    Re: E=mc^2...

    I'm sorry but this is nonsense. The person in post #2 had it right. The equation you are referring to describes the relationship between the rest mass and the rest energy of a particle (meaning the energy it has even when it is not moving -- in other words, the energy that it has simply by virtue of having mass).
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    Re: E=mc^2...

    There is plenty of proof. Any of the work at the major particle accelerators around the world would easily demonstrate this.
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    Re: E=mc^2...

    Just look at the sun, it is a continuous proof of E=mc^2.
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