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E-Z isomerism

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    I know what E-Z isomerism is, but I'm confused about Q9), couldn't the answer just be all of them?

    FOr 10, I know its but- since there are 4 carbons in the chain but how do I know which of the options are wrong?

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    For 9 What do you understand by E / Z isomerism?

    For 10 look into priorities for naming
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    A compound is a z-isomer if the groups are on the same side, and an e-isomer if the groups are on different sides, like so:


    I tried look around but it gets too complicated, I do AS Chemistry which doesn't cover that much material..

    Thanks for the reply
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    OK, does this compound show E / Z isomerism?

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    Other way of thinking (which basically boils down to the same thing sjb already suggests) - try to draw E-Z isomers of the compound A (Q9). Are they really different?
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    Nope! Since the Cl and Cl have the same priority (and same goes for the H atoms)
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    The one on the left is B - it does show E-Z isomerism so B is the answer (right?).

    Just out of curiosity, the one on the right is supposed to represent D, is it correct? Also how would I draw A and C?

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    Looks good to me :)

    You'd draw A and C in a similar fashion, remembering that Carbon has a valence of 4 and Hydrogen 1. Each line represents a bond.
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    Thanks :)
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