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Effect of High Strain Rate on strength of Metal

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    What is the main reason for changing the strength of metals under very high strain rate? Do all metals show the similar trend in increased strength under high strain rate? What is the effect of crystal structure on this phenomenon?:!!)
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    One also asked elsewhere:
    All good questions. It all depends on to what criteria or purpose one is designing the structure or object, i.e. is the goal to resistant deformation/fracture under high strain rate, or fracture or disintegration is desirable. These two goals refer to armour (resistant) or armour-piercing.

    To resist failure, the material needs high strength (high YS and UTS), high fracture toughness, and high ductility, and the ability to achieve a maximum strain energy density (SED), which is basically the integral under stress-strain curve (maximum energy absorption without or before failure).
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    Thanks for reply.
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