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Electric Field of a Capacitor with asymmetric dielectric

  1. Jan 31, 2008 #1
    Hey guys,
    if an question regarding a capacitor.
    As seen in the picture there is a capacitor with an asymmetric dielectric e1 and e2.


    My question:
    Who do I calculate the E-field of the capacitor?

    thanks in advamce, help is appreciated!

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    Thread moved to homework help.

    You generally need to show your own work in order for us to provide tutorial assistance. This is a tricky problem, so I'll offer one initial hint -- would it change the problem at all if you put in a floating metal plate at the green/beige boundary on the left and one on the green/beige boundary on the right? Try picturing that, and think about how capacitors in series add. Please show your work....
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    I know that the problem is in the middle....

    If I just take the the left and the right part I have two capacitors in series.. which isn't a problem at all... the D-Fields are equal througout the capacitor and the E-Fields "change" at the boundary.. no problem here...

    Now I take the middle part...
    Depending on where I put the Gaussian surface I get inconsistent results... (see image 2)
    In order to make the inconsistancy disapear I place electrons(+ or -) on the vertical part of the boundry.

    ->that would leave me with three capacitors in parallel

    Is that correct?


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    I would have split it in two. Why are you thinking of three?
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