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Homework Help: Electric field question

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    If an oil drop with mass 1.00x10^-14 kg loses an electron whilst in an electric field of 1.00x10^6 N/C, what is the change in acceleration?


    F_e = qE

    So I know delta a for change in acceleration will be (qE/m) final - (qE/m) initial... but what do I use for q (I can't use 1.60*10^-19 C, right, because that's just for one electron and not the whole oil droplet?). Also, will the electric field stay the same?
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    Would the oil droplet initially be considered neutral, so that the initial component (with Q=0) cancels out?????????
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    It looks like you have to assume that the initial charge Q0 = 0 since you're not given any other info.

    The electric field applied should stay the same; the loss of an electron does not affect the applied field strength.
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