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Homework Help: Electric Field Strength and Potential

  1. Apr 13, 2012 #1
    Page 10 part (b) (ii) <click on the link

    Now, the question states :

    Use Fig. 4.2 to state and explain the distance x at which the rate of change of
    potential with distance
    is maximum

    Now electric field strength = negative potential gradient

    So in effect they're asking for the point at which electric field strength is maximum, correct ?

    Now isn't maximum electric field strength at 1.4 cm because electric field strength has the greatest value at that point ?

    The marking scheme provided disagrees and gives an answer of 11.4 cm......

    But at 11.4 cm the electric field strength is highly negative....
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    Rate of change can be positive or negative. It's the magnitude of the rate of change that counts, not it's sign.
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