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Electrical Day

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    Hello All,
    I am an elactrical student in the U.A.E University and I plan to do an electrical day and I don't know what to do in this day so Can I have your suggestion for this day and what kind of activeties, please?
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    Hi, Eng"L"; welcome to PF. Could you be more specific about what you mean by an 'electrical day'? Is it like an open house with demonstrations, or some kind of contest, or what?
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    Thank you Danger for your response....
    An Electrical Day means that a group of students have to do some activeties in the University that related to the Electrical Engineering and the students can get benefit from this activeties....
    I hope that you get the point....
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    Faraday cage experiments always comes to mind.
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    I do get the point. I misunderstood at first because of your terminology. In my area, to 'do' something of that nature implies that you're going to organize and host it. I take it that you mean to participate in an official school event.
    I'm afraid that I can be of no help. My education stops just short of grade 12, so I have no idea what sort of stuff university students do.
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    Thanks a lot Danger & Corneo....
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    -- Attach a small front surface mirror to an audio speaker and bounce a laser off of the mirror. Try different kinds of music to see which makes the best patterns. Hint -- "Tommy" by the Who has some good material for laser shows....:biggrin:

    -- Experiment with the IR reception capabilities of video cameras and video recorders. They are able to see the near infrared region, so you can play with using them for night vision, especially if you can find an IR source. You can even see the IR remote control output from your TV remote control using your video camera.

    -- If you have a spectrum analyzer in your EE lab, connect different kinds of antennas (like FM radio or a TV yagi), and zoom in on different areas of the broadcast bands. If the spectrum analyzer has a "zero span" setting and an output, you can play AM (and FM -- why?) audio broadcasts with the analyzer.

    -- If you have any kind of light modulation apparatus, you can set up a laser audio link. That's always a fun demonstration, especially when you have folks block the beam with their hand, and the audio goes away...
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    I have always liked Jacobs Ladders...although they require a dangerously high voltage to operate. Maybe that's what makes it cool :biggrin:
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    You could build a Kelvin water dropper. Those are definitely cool devices.
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