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Homework Help: Energy released in the fission of one uranium-235 nucleus? (extra neutron)

  1. May 1, 2012 #1
    1. How much energy is released during the
    fission of one uranium-235 nucleus?

    2. e=mc2 lol :smile:

    3. I thought of putting them together but then how to separate them?
    1.67495×10-27+3.903 05×10–25×c2=1.7539207313048996244767495×10-7

    By the way, the answer is 4.73×10-11

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    What are "them"?

    If you start using six significant figures, it is silly to have more than six in your answer. And since you are adding two quantities of different orders of magnitude, you should have even fewer. Your answer also needs to have units.

    Solve the problem by doing exactly what the problem says to do: find the mass difference, then find the energy.
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