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Exam review question about space shuttle orbits at differing radii

  1. May 2, 2012 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    The space shuttle makes 1 revolution around the Earth in 1.5 hours when it is in an orbit 200 km above the Earth’s surface. The radius of the Earth Re is 6.5 × 10^6m. If the shuttle moves to a new orbit such that it makes 1 revolution per day (24 hours), what is the radius of the new orbit?

    (1) 6.2Re (2) 12Re (3) 24.8Re (4) 16Re (5) 0.38Re

    2. Relevant equations




    3. The attempt at a solution

    My professor said:

    "Yes, the centripetal force is provided by gravity. The tangential velocity v=2piR/T where T is the period. Thus show that T is proportional to R^2 and solve. For orbit 2, R_2=R_1sqrt(T_2/T_1)"

    ...but I still can't understand what he's talking about. What does he mean that period T is proprtional to r^2? And what does any of this have to do with balancing the centripetal force with the force of gravity?

    Thank you. This forum is the best.
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    welcome to pf!

    hi npersons274! welcome to pf! :smile:

    (try using the X2 and X2 buttons just above the Reply box :wink:)
    hint: what is the equation balancing the centripetal acceleration with the gravitational acceleration? :wink:
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